Trees For Burnley

Get Involved in Woodland Conservation

These are our planned activities. You're very welcome to join us. No need to book: just turn up!

2019 Work Plan

13th January – Brun Valley Forest Park, (Rowley)
Coppicing/thinning on the path between Rowley and Netherwood to encourage better diversity and removing self-seeded Alder from meadow
Parking: Netherwood road fishing pond car park

10th February – Hargrove Park
Planting commemorative Oaks, Thinning and tidying wooded areas
Parking: End of Hargrove Avenue, Padiham

10th March – Padiham Greenway
Coppicing and thinning recently planted areas and removing not needed protective fencing.
Parking: TBC

14th April – Brun valley Forest Park

Thursby Gardens & Bank Hall
Coppicing Hazel on Brun Valley greenway banking and planting 100 tree whips in Bank Hall
Parking: Bank Hall Car Park, Queen Victoria Road

12th May – Millennium Wood, Ridge Avenue
Coppicing hazel and other species to follow up on thinning works undertaken by BBC tree team
Parking: End of June's Row or crescent on Ridge Road

9th June – Towneley
Removing Rhododendron in Thanet Lee wood
Towneley Hall Car Park

14th July – Brun Valley Forest Park (Rowley) – Cutting back trees & shrubs encroaching on paths. Removing old fencing around planted areas by lake
Parking: Thornton Arms Car Park

11th August – Towneley Park
Himalayan Balsam removal Towneley woodlands or holiday
Parking: Towneley Hall Car Park

8th September – Queens Park
Urban Arboretum tree management
Parking: Bank Hall Car Park

13th October – Thompson Park and/or Thursby Gardens
Planting arboretum trees
Parking: Thompson Park Car Park

10th November – Worsthorne FoB site
Tree planting in Worsthorne FoB site (off causeway)
Parking: TBC

8th December – Towneley
Further Rhododendron management, tree planting and Christmas lunch
Parking: Towneley Hall Car Park

2018 Work Plan

14th January – Towneley, Thanet Lee
Clearing Rhododendron piles and some tree/shrub planting

11th February – Ridge Avenue, Bell Pitt Wood (7)
Thinning out for views over BVFP

11th March – Norfolk Avenue woodland
Planting trees to replace mature trees felled by tree team

8th April – Calder Park
Tidying previously felled timber and planting trees

13th May – Dunnockshaw
Continuing where the group left off

10th June – BVFP
Thinning stand of Alder near army bridge and other thinning on paths

8th July – Towneley Boggart Bridge
Thinning self-seeded Ash trees for view from bridge

12th August – Towneley Park (3)
Himalayan Balsam removal Towneley woodlands

9th September – Towneley Park
Heritage and Woodland Festival

14th October – Padiham Greenway
Planting native shrubs

11th November – Remembrance Sunday event
Planting memorial Oaks with crosses for remembrance Sunday

9th December – Towneley
Further Rhododendron management and Christmas lunch

2017 Work Plan

15th Jan – Rowley (Brun Valley Forest Park) (1)
Woodland thinning (continuation), open up some views across lake

12th Feb – Towneley Lime Avenue (3)
Cutting back epicormics growth on Lime Avenue Limes

12th Mar – Padiham Greenway (Russell Terrace) (4)
Planting a Birch tree collection on central section of Padiham Greenway (10 – 12 trees 1.5–1.8m)

9th Apr – Towneley Park (Barwise car park at the top of Lime Avenue) (5)
Pruning and thinning to make room for an improved picnic and play area

14th May – Dunnockshaw (park on Limey Lane nr Clowbridge Reservoir) (6)
Coppice/cut back Forest of Burnley trees overgrowing paths

11th Jun – Brun Valley Forest Park (Rowley Lane car park) (2)
Cutting back trees and shrubs over growing foot paths

2nd July – Forest Park Festival (Thornton Arms car park) (1)
Stand and practical work

Aug – Holidays

10th Sept – Towneley Hall (3)
Heritage and Woodland Festival

15th Oct – Ridge Avenue / Bell Pit Wood (7)
Coppicing and thinning woodland

12th Nov – Thompson Park (Bank Hall car park) (8)
Tree planting

10th Dec – Towneley Park (3)
Rhododendron clearance and Christmas Lunch

All events are on a Sunday and start around 10:30am and finish around 3-4pm depending on the amount of work, how tired we are and particularly in mid Winter, the light.

You are welcome to join us at any time and stay for as long or as short a period as you wish. Please bring waterproof clothing, sturdy shoes, boots or wellies and a packed lunch.

Children of all ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult, we can always find something for them to do.

For further details,
ring June Evans on 01282 439034
or Peter Thorne on 01282 421757

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